What we do

With an understanding of the challenges in today’s healthcare together with our tech experience, we work with novel solutions that make a difference for people and society. This way, we help making use of healthcare resources in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

We are an IT consultancy company developing intelligent solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow. We help our customers with a broad range of software development services. We do front end, back end, sensor integration, embedded software, data science, AI, machine learning, regulatory advice and project management.

Our services

Software developers and system architects

We can provide a broad range of software development competences. Our consultants have experience from healthcare projects and agile development in a DevOps based culture. Some of the core technologies are C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, SQL and Python.

Data scientists and AI/machine learning specialists

Data scientists with machine learning/AI experience. State-of-the art tools and frameworks, such as R, Tableau and Tensorflow.

Project Managers

Senior competence to ensure efficient on-target project implementation and review and follow-up on technology and concepts. Healthcare and agile development experience.


We are experienced in the regulatory requirements for the medical world and specialise in how to work in an efficient way while still being compliant. Data security and protection is a key area.

Embedded software and sensors

We work with embedded software and firmware development as well as integration of medical sensors, systems and data collection. 

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the strongest driver seen in healthcare for decades. Data driven improvements making use of AI, machine learning, IoT, connectivity and the exponential development of future technologies, hold the potential to increase quality of life and reduce cost on a broad scale. We can help you on this journey.

Our customers

Our customers are medical and pharma companies, care providers and other actors in the health area. Most of them come to us with a brilliant idea. It may be about how to cure something that can’t be cured yet, how to prevent illness by finding issues before they lead to disease, or they may have an idea about how to make healthcare more efficient. Their thoughts are centred around the patient and how to build a care chain around the patient.

There are vast amounts of data which are or can be collected and used as a basis for data driven improvements. We see the beginning of this revolution now, as care providers, suppliers or partners to the healthcare industry start to realise the full potential and the possible outcome for patients or themselves. The possibility of using clinical and non-clinical data for improving patient outcome, organisational effectiveness and healthcare functions is only limited by imagination and the willingness to instigate change. This way of using data is what makes us proud.

Project examples

Virtual Hospitals

In partnership with Halmstad Högskola, Region Halland and Halmstad kommun, Cubist is taking part in an interesting project referred to as “Virtual Hospitals”. The ambition is to develop fully functional systems, including analytics, to provide patients with advanced healthcare in their homes, thereby enabling them to stay home rather than going to the Emergency department. The project includes the complete chain of sensors, connected IoT solutions, data management, analytics and remote monitoring for interaction with the clinical staff.

In the next step, this solution will be integrated with Region Halland’s successful data-driven care system, developed in collaboration with Region Halland, Halmstad Högskola, Brigham Women Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Real World Evidence (RWE)

We assist device and pharma companies in deriving insights from the large datasets that are produced every day in hospitals around the world. The goal is to validate procedures and medication schemes on real world data, as well as to optimise further development. Cubist co-operates in the development of a Real World Evidence (RWE) platform with the objective to securely collect and analyse disparate data sets, and make comparison with historical patient data. By doing so, medical performance in terms of medical outcome and treatment cost can be quantified and used to assist healthcare decision making, as well as to give feedback to development and clinical staff.

Software development

Cubist contributes with software development services to a variety of customers. Our team knows how to implement IT on all levels from embedded, front and back end to analytics and BI. We work in an agile way in teams dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges our customers bring.

Intelligent solutions that make a difference for people’s lives

Who we are

We built Cubist around our vision of happier and healthier people. Health is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we believe IT holds important keys to improving health for many persons. The founders of Cubist together have some 100 years’ experience of life science and medical device development projects. We created Cubist to help projects benefit from this experience and to make use of new technology.

Cubism is an art form that serves as a great inspiration for us. Like Picasso, Braque and Dali we analyse real world data, patterns and objects, apply intelligent algorithms and strive to create novel solutions and useful, implemented predictive models with true clinical value. 

Our values


We have a strong drive to create long-term and sustainable change, to the benefit of both people and our environment. At Cubist we want our team be healthy, trust each other and to have fun at work.


We are energised by the purpose of making a difference in people’s life and in our society. And we take great pride in developing our skills, competence and experiences towards our vision.

Novel thinking

We dare challenging existing approaches and structures. And like to think out-of-the-box to find creative solutions. There are many exciting hurdles that need to be overcome in a successful healthcare project with true clinical value.

Our team

Hana Bobinac

Senior software developer with a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computing and more than 15 years of experience with Java, C#, C/C++, SQL, databases and the complete software life cycle. Team player with a strong focus on creating quality and reliable software. Dedication to problem solving, attention to detail and a passion for horse riding and training.


Carl Dehlin

Software developer with a M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Computer Vision. Fluent in Mandarin, Python, C#/C/C++ and Java, with a focus on machine learning applications. Ambitious runner with a passion for digital healthcare.


Lena Mondrejevski BW

Lena Mondrejevski

Ambitious Software Developer, driven to unleash the potential in healthcare IT. M.Sc. and M.Med.Sc. in Health Informatics and B.Sc. in Medical Engineering, bridging the areas of health care and IT to develop medical software solutions to move todays’ health care system to the system of tomorrow. Creative team-player with positive energy who very much enjoys dancing, climbing and baking.


Erik B June 19

Erik G. Brandt

Data Scientist with a PhD in Theoretical Physics and years of experience in algorithm development, advanced statistical analysis and machine learning methods. Problem-solver and analytical thinker with a passion for life science and large-scale computations. Long-time football fan and sport fisherman…


Frank Holm

Charismatic software developer and solutions architect with solid experience of medical devices and embedded systems. Boosts any party or project  with music, a smiling face and a can-do positive attitude.


Gunnar Ingi Friðriksson

Tech challenge seeker with a M.Sc. in Medical Engineering and broad experience of software, ANN algorithms, electronics and even mechanics design. Attacks any project with innovation, and analytical thinking. Music enthusiast and loves being challenged to any sports or games. Healthy and happy enjoying the outdoors and Icelandic weather…



Henrik Larsen

Experienced in management, team building and business development of consulting companies. M.Sc. Mechatronics and archipelago fisherman, always looking for adventure, a positive team spirit and some party back-beat fun.



Erik Myklebust

Senior software developer and architect with experience from radiotherapy for cancer treatment and civil security industry. C# expert and problem solver which enjoys most analytical challenges including board games, bridge and robot building…also enjoys floor ball, climbing and dancing.


Leonard Lorentzen

M.Sc. with sales focus and special interest in the Norwegian market. Strong data science and analytical skills and an experienced leader and business developer. Analytical chess player barbequing efficient algorithms for breakfast.


David Montgomery

David Montgomery

M.Sc. in Engineering Physics with special focus on signal processing. Excited to dive into technical challenges to find innovative solutions in creative, team-oriented environments. Enjoys everything from developing machine learning algorithms for radar to sharing new ideas to customers and team members. Enthusiastic about volleyball, physics and piano.



Pedro Gaio

Senior software programmer and architect with a passion for mathematics and science. Experienced in algorithms, machine learning, data structures and analytics. A hacker at heart with experience of roughly 20+ programming languages.


Oliver Trepte

Ph.D. in Physics with long experience of medical device development, regulatory and business development. High energy solutions’ finder with super powers in creativity and guru when it comes to IoT, connectivity, cloud or classical literature. Level 40 Pokémon Go player.


William Lord

Software developer with a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics. Special focus on cognitive science, AI, neuroscience and life science. A curious thinker with passion for science and problem solving. Also serious musician playing in different constellations and writing own music.



Anna Georgelis

Software developer with a M.Sc. in Media Technology and experience of front end development and information visualization. Mixing technical solutions with a creative mindset. Also a big soccer fan who loves to play the piano.


Thomas Davidsson

MBA from Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan) with extensive international management experience in the IT and healthcare industry. Business-oriented thinker with an unbreakable can-do attitude and great interest in the arts, outdoors and hunting.


Per B June 19

Per Blom

Software and IT developer with experience of agile development and continuous delivery. Key skills in C#, SQL, WPF, Java and javascript. Makes you see sharp in any software project… and have a strong commitment for health and sustainability in our society.


Healthier and Happier

Join us!

Cubist is looking for more talented software developers and specialists in machine learning, data science and AI. With a desire to  work with intelligent solutions to improve healthcare.

Join our team of skilled people, knowing how to implement IT on all levels from embedded, front and back end to analytics, machine learning, AI and BI. And with experience from regulatory requirements for the health sector. We work in an agile way in teams dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges our customers bring.

Open jobs

Do you want to keep developing your skills and experiences by working with smart colleagues in an agile and coaching atmosphere? Do you have an interest for the healthcare industry? Do you want to work with challenging projects and contribute with your skills in software development, AI, machine learning, project management, data science or regulatory?

Interested to learn more?

Click on the jobs below or contact Henrik Larsen and let us know what you are interested in and what ou want to contribute with. Welcome to Cubist!

Software architects and developers

We are building on our strong team of developers, architects and specialists with a passion to work with new technology in healthcare projects.

  • Are you an innovative programmer with a couple of years experience of C#, Java, Python, Javascript, C/C++ or similar?
  • Do you want to stay ahead learning new technologies?

Learn more on LinkedIn ads Software Architects and Software Developers

Data scientists and machine learning / AI specialists

Cubist is looking for data scientists with machine learning / AI experience and a desire to work with intelligent solutions to improve healthcare. And help people live healthier and happier lives.

  • Do you have a passion for converting technologies into useful products and services of value?
  • Do you have excellent programming skills?
  • Are you interested in working in the frontline of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector?

Check out the LinkedIn ad Senior Data Scientists

Senior Project Managers with experience of healthcare

Do you want to take on the challenge and lead one of our teams in an exciting and agile healthcare project?

  • Can you provide senior leadership and competence to ensure efficient on-target project implementation? 
  • Do you have a proven track-reckord in multi-disciplinary project management in healthcare projects and experience of agile development?

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